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 Exhibition "Audace et Lumière" at the Orangerie:
When dance invites itself to a painting exhibition...

2024 will be collective or not! This is undoubtedly my motto for this year 2024. With the exhibition at the Orangerie, I wanted to extend the pictorial artistic field to other arts to make this moment more lively, richer in color and sharing. 

So, alongside our works with Bénédicte Gerin, I have also invited the art of dance with :

- Nataliya Deyneka Dupriez and her Ukrainian group Iz PERTSEM, as well as the children from her various classes, who dazzled us with their talent.

- Géraldine Colomba for a creative dance session on the theme of the "Audace et Lumière" (bold and light) exhibition. Guided by Géraldine, we plunged into free dance, fully immersed in the music as we rediscovered each of the artworks on display. 

- my daring friends who agreed to take part in a flashmob to Pharell Williams' "happy" music!


Many thanks to all !

The program also included two "live painting" sessions which, due to high attendance, were transformed into drawing workshops for children and color pigment discovery workshops for teenagers. From painting exhibition to cultural mediation, there's only one step after all. I'm delighted with this experience and hope to be able to propose new projects of this type.


Back in pictures!

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