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Astrid Link

"Being an artist is more than a profession, it's state of being.

We are artists

We are born artists

but you have to decide to become one."

This is the motto that sums up the career of this self-taught French painter, who made the choice to be an artist, giving up her job as a lawyer in a Paris law firm in 2012 for Art and painting, painting life in color.

To achieve this, Astrid Link trains, explores and feeds on training courses to work and cultivate her gift, guided by the desire to gain in technicality and expertise (watercolor, acrylic, oil) whether in Paris or Lyon in various workshops, notably by reproducing the canvases of great masters with a painting restorer.

Arriving in Munich in 2016, after selling a few paintings and taking on commissions for portraits of children in motion, she registered as an independent artist, began exhibiting and joined Gallery Lau in Munich.

Initially figurative and quasi-photographic, her painting evolved towards the abstract: today, she refuses to confine herself to the figurative and tends to free herself from it, abstract painting opening up a wider field of freedom.

Driven by a love of color, her current quest is for a harmony of color in harmony with form, tending towards simplification in the tradition of Nicolas de Staël, whom she particularly admires.

Convinced by the power of collaborative work and the joy of sharing that comes from her experience as a volunteer, she regularly exhibits both individually and collectively, in Munich and Paris.

This October, she will be exhibiting on Rue de Rivoli in Paris for a Parisian perfumer.





Dec. 2020- April 2021

17-19 Mai 2019

  • 16- 29 January : Duo exhibition "Audace et Lumière" with Bénédicte Gerin at the Orangerie du Jardin Anglais, Munich, with a program of cultural mediation (creative dance, life painting, children's workshop, world dance performance).

  • 12-14 avril : ARTMUC 

  • Dec.- Feb. : Group exhibition of small-format paintings at Gallery Lau in Munich: "All goods things come in small packages".

  • June 15 - September 29: Duo exhibition "Peaceful places" with Anna Maria Bellmann at Gallery Lau, Munich 

  • 20-28 july: Group exhibition with Art in Bloom in Paris (Drouot) 

  • May 25 - June 2: Duo exhibition at gourmet restaurant SORMANI, Paris 17th arrondissement.

  • December:  Group exhibition with Art in Bloom in Paris at Restaurant SORMANI Paris 17th arrondissement

Group exhibition of small-format paintings at Gallery Lau in Munich: "All goods things come in small packages".

Collective exhibition "E-MOTION-S" with Luba Holland and Lydia Kalasz in Munich

Agent et gallery

Art in bloom
Munich Germany 
Gallery Lau
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