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past, present, future...
being an artist offers the freedom to open windows for new projects, to enter into the joy of sharing....

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Invitation pour l'exposition à l'Orangerie

Duo exhibition with Bénédicte Gerin at the Orangerie (Munich) - January 16 to 29, 2024


There's only one step from an exhibition to a cultural mediation project! And we've taken it!


An idea, a project, a collaboration?

Please contact me !

tubes de peinture


Let's work together to create a work that matches your personality, personal tastes and desires, while remaining in keeping with my artistic universe.

Peinture de poisson à l'encre sur papier, en suspens

The goldfish who thought it was a sardine

This project is the fruit of my first exhibition in 2019 in Munich on the theme of fish, fascinated by the world of Japanese fish and Chinese sailfish. I wrote the story of a particular little goldfish.

They share

Isabelle, Munich

"Astrid's painting opens a door to all the senses, the visual as well as the gustatory and olfactory. For me, her flowers evoke summer fruit, the vine peach gleaned from a market in the south of France, which you want to bite into and savor in the heat of summer".

Florence, Munich

"Astrid has created for us a painting of our family. Starting with one of the photos, Astrid was able to transform this vacation memory into a work of art combining aesthetics and emotion. What a talent!"

Guillemine, Paris

"I'm delighted with the watercolor portraits, based on a photo taken on the beach at Perros-Guirec. I love the soft colors and the rendering of the posture of my mother and her husband. Excellent work!"
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