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The exterior is only the expression of what's going on inside, and art is one of the expressions of this inner world through the mediums chosen by the artist.

I'm intimately convinced of this, and beyond the technique I've learned, my painting is a search for intimate expression, for this inner world, a compilation of forms, images, scents, colors, feelings and emotions.

It's from the heart of this reservoir that I draw my energy and the search for color harmony to offer others a joyful, colorful and authentic free painting.

  • Free : Previously more oriented towards figurative painting, I now refuse to confine myself to it and tend towards a more abstract style that opens up a wider field of freedom.

  • Colorful and joyful: My current quest is the constant search for colorful harmony that rings true.

  • Authentic: I made the choice to be an artist, to give up my job as a lawyer and paint, to paint life in color. It was the choice of authenticity that guided her steps. My paintings don't lie, they reflect my joy and gratitude for being able to blossom in this life.

Astrid Link
A free, colorful, joyful and authentic painting
exposition á la Gallery Lau avec Anna Maria Bellmann


portrait de l'artiste
peinture la ronde des voiles de Chine


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