the past, the present and future ones! Because life is all about learning! 


A special thanks to....

Annie Chéroux, professor of plastic arts drawing at the college who lit the flame when I was a child! 


Florence Dufier who knew how to rekindle it later on!

 Claire Perret

 Anne Bironneau 

 Anne Ardichvili 

 Bruno Toussaint 

 Denis Chobelet 

 Götz Friedewald 


To the people who crossed my path, showed me the range of their talent and know-how and opened me a door to their world...


Sylvie Lemoine

François Samouiller

Daniel Vial 


To my loyal supporters,

all those who encouraged me,


To my friends,

To my best translator friends Rebecca Dunford, 

Jeannette Ceverny and Alexandra Hegeler

To Jeanne de Mercey for her beautiful photos


To my family,

To my sweet and dear. 



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