Welcome in my universe! 

My universe includes two different but at the same time closely related constellations: Beside my creations, I offer customized co-creation artworks.



The motion...

One in nature, of beings, as long as there is colour.

Whether it is children in their race or caught up in their games....

The poetry of a flight of ladybirds, dragonflies, the swim of a school of fish. 

Or the aerial ballet of historical planes.

But also these still moments...

I like to capture the emotion when I get a chance to observe the children playing, they dazzle without masks... 

or to catch the atmosphere of a moment when the funny or the unusual invite themselves into a scene.... 


The piano Lesson

(40 x 40 x 2 cm)


Why are you sulking?

(40 x 50 x 1,5 cm)

Life is made of movements and still moments, small parentheses, frozen images...  

What inspires me...



I like to reproduce the same subject on different mediums to explore techniques...

And to always continue to learning and improving....  



Self-taught painter

  • Industrial Property Attorney in Paris for 12 years: protection and defence of the artistic and industrial creation of artists and companies (trademarks, designs and models) in France and abroad.

  • In 2012, I quit my profession and return to my first passion: pure artistic creation. I enrolled in the fine arts workshops of the city of Paris and went back to my pencils and brushes.

tour Eiffel.jpg
fourvière modifié.jpg
  • Moved to my hometown Lyon, going  back to silk painting, which I loved so much as a child. 


My painting is naïve and my themes childish.

  • At the same time, I enrich my artistic practice with numerous courses at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon (amateur PPA - drawing at the Musée des Beaux-arts de Lyon with Claire Perret - live models)

Since 2015, I have focused on oil painting.

  • Photoshop and Illustrator training with Denis Chobelet


  • I experimented the implemention of other artist's style in creations with Anne Bironneau and Anne Ardichvili.


  • Reproducing the paintings of great masters, I gained in technicality and expertise (glazes...) with Bruno Toussaint, restorer of paintings (Atelier des Antonins)


  • July 2016: Arrived in Munich. I continued oil painting and pursue my apprenticeships:

  • Malakademie München (Münchner Bildungswerk)

  • Götz Friedewald



  • 2017: Illustration of a children's storybook

  • 2018: First commission of customized portraits of children in motion. Creation of my website

  • 2019: Collective Exhibition "E-MOTION-S" vom 17-19 Mai with Luba Holland and Lydia Kalasz in München


  • Dec. 2020- April 2021: Exhibition at Gallery Lau: "All goods things come in small packages". This is a collective exhibition of small format paintings.

Today I am working on my next exhibition keeping some time for co-creation on commission.