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Beside my own creations, I offer to create an artwork with you that matches your personality, your tastes and personal wishes while remaining in adequacy with my artistic universe.

What is co-creation?

  • A specially commissioned work for which you participate in the creative process. 

  • We start from your wish, your idea (precise or not), your photos, I compose, I sketch, we discuss and I paint your creation! 

In other words, we co-create!

Ancre 4

Looking for a personalized and original artwork on my walls and not an artist's reproduction to seen everywhere....


 ...and what about getting a portrait of our children painted in an original and unique way!

bulle 1.jpg

Or why not offer an artist's work as a gift to a loved one? 

Your wish

  • Immortalize a place I love 

chemin du Juge de Paix.JPG

 Chemin du juge de Paix (Oil painting - 60 x 60 cm)

  • A holiday memory

saut dans les vagues.BR.jpg
Jumping in the waves (oil on canvas - 53,5 x 72 x 2 cm) 

 The Kite (oil on canvas - 64 x 81 cm) 

a grandfather bringing his grandchildren to 

fly a kite on a windy day.

petite fille rejoignant la plage SC_0016_.jpg

Girl joining the beach

(oil on canvas - 33 x 46 cm)

Or simply: you have taken a photo that is emotional, that appeals to you by its composition or its colours.

Why not use it as a basis for a unique painting?


Ancre 2

Co-creation, step by step

  1. From idea to composition:


You tell me:

  • your idea, your project, share your photos capturing your children or a place you like or simply a photo that moves you...

  • the size of painting you want and/or your budget

  • the colour harmony, an atmosphere 

  • where this painting will be placed

  • the artwork or painters you like.

I bring you:

  • my ideas

  • my creativity

  • my technique and skills. 

 We discuss it together...


2.  Draft sketches, quotation

Depending on the size, time spent and material cost.

If the photos' quality is not sufficient, possibility of shooting session (additional costs to be expected)

3. Concrete small-scale project 

I show you the composition of your future painting.


We talk about composition, size (depending on the chosen composition) and colours.

At this stage, modifications are possible.

la course_edited.jpg

4. After approval

Execution of the painting in the chosen size.

Possibility to come and see the creation in the workshop or to share photos by email.

Delivery free home (in Munich) or by DHL

Remarks regarding the deadline: 

Depending on the time of year and the order book, co-creation artworks can take up to several weeks or months.


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